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Screen Printing Inks and Special Techniques


Discharge Screen Printing


Discharge Screen Printing is a printing method that uses a special chemical to remove the color from a 100% cotton t-shirt. Discharge screen printing has gained populartiy over the past several years and is now very popular in retail markets. Many major high end brands use discharge screen printing to achieve a soft hand (no feel) print on their shirts and these shirts are selling for well over $100.00 each in major department stores. The main difference in discharge screen printing is that you are changing the color of the fabric not piling ink on top of the fabric. Dischage only works on dark color shirts-not white shirts.

Discharge Screen Printing Picture

Puff ink Screen Printing


Puff printing is acheived by adding a special additive to our plastisol ink.  The Inks are then screen printed as normal and cured through a conveyor dryer. During the curing process the ink react to the heat and "puff up" this createa raised or 3d effect on the shirt.  This effect is very nice on t-shirts, tote bags, koozies and more.  Screen printing with puff ink can add a nice 3d pop to your items.

puff ink screen print

Foil Screen Printing


Foil screen printing can add a very dramatic look to your garments.  Foil printing is  a very labor intensive method of decorating.  In order to foil a shirt the shirt must first be screen printed, then cured and then the foil can be applied to the shirt.  Foil is heat pressed to a screen printed garment, the foil will stick only where the ink has been printed.  This process take a lot of time and the shirts must be foiled one at a time. 

foil screen printing picture

Metallic and Glitter Ink Screen Printing


Metallic and glitter ink screen printing are just like standard screen printing except the ink we use has very fine metallic flakes mixed in.  The reslut of these flake is a sparkling glitter effect.  The most popular colors are gold and silver, but glitter inks come in over 10 colors. 

Metallic screen printing ink

High Density Screen Printing


High density screen printing is when we use a special screen to acheieve a very think layer of ink.  This method is popular on sweat shirts and heav y cotton t-shirts.  This process does result in a thick heavy print. We recommend using high density a accent or portion of your design, A large full high density design would be very heavy and not look very good.

high density screen printing


































































































Screen printing special effects on your custom tee shirts can really add some value to you shirts and give them a much higher percieved value.  Please contact us with any questions regarding special effects screen prints.  If you simply need standard screen prints you can design shirts online here.