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Promotional t-shirts

Promotional t-shirts are a fantastic way to promote your organization or brand.   Getting custom t-shirts screen printed is  fast and easy and best of all it is a very cost effective promotional product.  Custom printed t-shirts are a promotional product that your customers, members or fans will be happy to receive, what would you rather get a cool t-shirt or a little plastic gizmo with a logo on it, I'll take the t-shirt every time.  Coffee mugs and bottles are nice but not everyone drinks coffee and t-shirts offer much more value.   My favorite thing about custom tees (besides I print them for a living) is they have two big things going for them, Staying power and great exposure.  Custom t-shirts have staying power because they last a long time, continue to promote your brand after the initial exchange and when made well become something the recipient like to wear.  However the best thing about using promotional t-shirts is the exposure, it can be huge.  Imagine someone walking through the airport, passing hundreds of people and interacting with people, would you rather that person have a t-shirt with your design on it or a bottle with your logo clipped to their backpack? No one cares what the bottle, mug, tote bag, or plastic trinket says, but they have no choice but to see the content on the t-shirt.  Promotional t-shirt printing provide the best value, staying power and exposure of any promotional product. 



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Promotional t shirts: Tips for a successful project

Now that you know the great value and effectiveness custom tee shirts can be a promotional products here are a few tips to make the most out of your budget.


-Its all about design, a great looking design is going to be worn more and seen more.  Basically if you have a boring logo dont just slap it in the middle of the shirt.  Incorporate other t-shirt design elements to make it stand out such as distressing the print, using a unique print position, adding some color or using special effects inks.  Make the shirt fun and cool looking.  Promotional t-shirts are about your brand, dont be boring.


-Know your audience. This one is key and reiterates the point above.  Design t-shirts with your target audience in mind.  If your giving or selling these to senior citizens you might not want to put skulls and blood graphics all over the shirt, but that might work if you getting t-shirts for a tattoo convention.  Also try to prepare an accurate size breakdown based on who will recieve the shirts. So knowing you audience is key because they might smile and say thanks but they will never wear it and that means no one will ever see it.


-Do not waste too much good t-shirt real estate.  A big vibrant print on the front is great and will get peoples attention but you might want to think about putting something on the back or sleeves even if it is a small 1 color version of your logo or just your website.  Multiple print locations do cost more but they also add a great deal of value to the t-shirt in terms of exposure and just look cooler.