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Distressed Screen Printing


T-Shirt Charity can distress any design that our customer send to us.  We have several patterns and methods for creating a Distressed look.  Adding a distressed look to your custom t-shirts give it a cool vintage look as if the shirt has been worn and washed for years. 


If you are creating your own design offline here is a download with some of our more popular distressed overlays.



To properly use and view these overlays, make the black portion the color of your shirt and make the white background transparent.


If you would like to add a distressed look to your t-shirts just put a note in the notes field when you order and we will proof your design with the distressed look before we print to make sure everything is exactly how you want it.


Here are some examples of distressed overlays and how they look.



distressed print before
         image before being distressed



fine distress medium distress large distress
With fine distress with medium distress

with large distress

with fine distress with med distress with large distess


Using a distress overlay is the easiest and most repeatable way of getting a distressed screen print.  The overlay method allows the designer and printer to know exactly where any missing chips will be in the design and makes it easy to produce the same exact results on all garments.  Another way to achieve a distressed screen print is to use a higher mesh screen with a faster then usuall print speed.  This will result in a inconsitant print with weak ink spots.  This method results in a thinner layer of ink, softer print and each shirt being slightly different.  However this method is more unpredictable and can yeild unexpected results and increased spoilage, but the end result is more "vintage looking.   These two distressed methods can be combined for a very distressed and vintage look, that is soft and looks like it was printed in 1975. 


If you have any questions about screen printing or custom t-shirts with distressed prints feel free to contact us.