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All over screen printing and jumbo screen printing.


All over screen printing and jumbo printing is one of the most popular trends in fashion and sportwear right now.   This style of printing was almost exclusivly offered by large apparel brands, professional sports teams and other organization that can purchases in huge volume.   With the advent of new technology and printing techniques all over printing and jumbo screen printing have become economical in smaller quantities.  Just a few years ago an all over print ussually required a minimum order of 1000 or more pieces.  T-Shirt Charity offers all over screen printing starting at only 72 pieces and jumbo printing starting at only 36 pieces.


Screen Print Size Examples


standard screen print size Jumbo screen print size all over screen print size

Standard Screen Print Size

12.5 x 17 inches

Prices- Instant online pricing

Jumbo Screen Print Size

15 x 20 inches

See Chart Below

All Over Screen Print size

up to 36 x 42 Inches

See Chart Below




All Over Screen Printing Prices & Jumbo Screen Print Prices

All over screen print

all over screen printing prices

 All Over Screen Charges - $85.00 Per color/per location.

Reorder Screen Charges - $60.00 per color/per location 

Prices are for printing only, garments not included

Max imprint size - 36 x 42 inches



All Over screen printing prices including a 100% ringspun cotton
fashion fit t-shirt in any available color.

*Screen Charges Still apply
*Price includes a 100% cotton     rungspun fashion fit t-shirt in any color. Printed all over on one side.

Use chart above to add cost for printing the other side.


all over sample price


All Over Screen Print Info                       

All Over Screen Printing can really make your designs stand out from a standard shirt.  Here are a some things you need to know about this style of printing before you make a descision or place an order for shirts with all over printing.

  1. The minimum order is 72 pieces for all over screen printing.

  2. We will only make one set of screens for your order. This means you need to order either 72 adult shirts or 72 youth shirts.  You can not mix adult and youth sizes in your order.

  3. The print size is the same for all shirts so on your smalls the print will look differently then it looks on your 2xl shirts.  Some design elements will not fall in the same place on every size shirt.

  4. We can completly cover up to adult 2xl, any larger and you may have some unprinted areas aound the outside of your design, such as under the arms and the tips of the sleeves.

  5. We can print over seems, however ther might be a small unprinted area just before the seem or light buildup of ink near the seems. This is very standard and if you look at shirts from retail stores you will notice the same effect.  The only way around it is to have your shirts printed then sewn together. (very expensive-huge minimum orders)

  6. Only 100% cotton shirts can be used.

  7. All ink is discharge waterbased ink. This is what achieves the soft and smooth print on the t-shirt.

  8. Maximum 5 ink colors.

  9. Preproduction sample are available only after an order has been placed and are priced as follows- $100.00 + screen charges, if no changes are made then screen fees will apply to cost of order. Any changes requiring new screens will result in addition screen charges in addition to the sample screen charges. For example your need a pre production proof of a 3 color all over print, this sample will cost $355.00, if it is approved the $255.00 in screen charges applys to the order total. If changes are made requiring 3 new screens there will be an additional $255.00 for new screens and $100.00 to do another pre production proof if needed.  Setting up an all over print requires multiple people and several hours of work.  Be sure of your design, colors and all specifications prior to ordering.

  10. All over t-shirts may feel a little stiff when you recieve them, but after washing they will soften up and you will not be able to feel the ink at all.

  11. **we reserve the right to refuse your order if it is not suitable for all over screen printing or we believe it will yeild a poor result.


Check out our sister site for all over sublimation t-shirts.


Tips for succesfull all over screen printing

All over screen printing is very different from traditional size screen printing and certain precautions need to be made to ensure the best possble finished product.  Here a few pointers to help you make your design the best it can be.

Distressed designs work the best for all over printing

Avoid designs that require very tight or perfect registration of colors

Be aware that your design will look different on different size t-shirts

Do not use designs that have very heavy coverage, your dont want to paint the entire shirt with ink. Use the shirt color as part of design.

Exact PMS color matches are not possible, we can get very close but not exact with color matches.

Design your shirt with all over printing in mind, dont just make the art bigger. 

Vector art is required.

Use these tips to make your all over t-shirts look awesome.  If you have any questions about all over t-shirt printing feel free to contact us.